Do you want to make up-beat music along with the best rap-trap beatmaker in Canada? Beats that can make even the non-dancers dance in the streets? One cannot make great tracks without a very good beat that mixes well, especially when the music industry is all about the beats and the rap lyrics. 

Due to social media, these days, an artist is always in a constant dilemma of whether to focus on their beats or their lyrics. Plus, an artist has to be very active everywhere whether it be their tours, interaction with the fans, creating good music, or doing all of them simultaneously. 

So what is the solution to this predicament?


the logo is one of the essential elements of the brand identity of a business or a company or even a department. This is often the first thing customers see, which is why it is so important that it sets itself apart from its competitors. To help you stay unique and always stay on top of the market, Christian King offers you the possibility of having great and attractive logos that communicate your business message well, made by Yann Christian. Our best logo designer around. Please take a look at his works and let us know by email what you would like to have for your business and our logo designer will take care of the rest.


By getting an already-made beat from the best beatmaker in Canada, you can ease your worries and just focus on your lyrics and performances, and making top-charting music. There are many ways in which a beatmaker helps you and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Time-Saving

The whole process of music-making will become a lot more efficient as you can either get a beat to inspire your art or one that brings your lyrics to life in a timely manner.

  • More Innovative

With lesser pressure, you will be able to produce a better song. Better ease of mind will allow your brain to be more creative. As two different minds work on the same project, it is bound to be more artistic and hitting.

So if you are a confirmed musician or starting to get into the industry, get in touch with us at Christian King to better the quality of your work. You can get a variety of beats made by Dhon beatx, the best beatmaker currently in vogue. 

Get yourself ready to create the sharpest music today with incredible beats.




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